Chicago: Day #5

This took place on a monday, a month ago.

Departure day. My flight doesn’t leave until late in the evening. Detty, Jeanette and I spent the first half of the day walking around Chicago’s town centre. We saw a big sculpture called The Bean which was very fun to take pictures of (you’ll see when I post the pics…). I didn’t buy anything. Can’t say Chicago wowed me in any way. It’s a big city, they have a lot of sky scrapers and some cute buildings, bad food and big roads. I guess it’s America. But the weather was nice.

Spent the rest of the day doing nothing in the hotel lobby until a very pretty car picked me up to go to O’Hare airport. The wait at O’Hare is a story in itself and will be posted tomorrow. Aaaand pictures will come in a long time. I haven’t  actually sorted the Chicago-pics as yet even though it’s more than a month since I was there.  

So in the mean time:
by Hugh McLeod from gapingvoid

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