Bologna: Day #3

This was Sunday, day of the first show. We had one on Monday as well.

 German model, I think her name was Miriam. She had been given the role as CyberBob among the bobs. You'll see what I mean later. Oh yes, and lunch.

 Jeanette and Charlotte. Make-up done.

 Products! Some of them are now... mine!

Scherri Wilbraham and Anna, both part of the Esa Live crew doing the production.

These skinny bitches belonged to the company who had the show before Tigi. I'm not quite sure whether the dresses are made from paper or, ehm, fabric?

 DIY - the book! With all us DIY collection girls in it. Including me. I have that book now. Very cool.

 Waiting, waiting, waiting. Luckily it was sunny and fuzzy frogs were walking around the premises.

 Somewhat crowded backstage.

 Charlotte and Jacqueline

 My favourite dress and hairstyle from the entire show. The Tigi team did this back to front braid for the Bodyamr fashion show at, ehm, some fasion week. The dress/top (it was a bit short) is from Bodyamr.

 Martine Lervik as the Gothic chic-bob. Relax, it's a wig.

 I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien. Jeanette's just rocking out.

 Detty and Initiation-bob. A little bird told me that Initiation-bob was hellish to work with. Skinny bitch-gossip is always fun.

Here's a little more skinny-b gossip: From what I was told and could observe, models from Scandinavia and Germany are generally nice people who are easy to work with. Also, American and Canadian models do not get along well with eastern European models. In general it would seem like models not from Scandinavia, Germany or perhaps Australia/New Zealand, are skinny Bitches with a capital B. I heard a couple of not-so-nice but very juicy stories about life as a model living with a bunch of other models. I'll take that in an individual post. Let's not overdose on information here. 

 Jiv's fixing Charlotte's lederhosen-outfit

 Makeup artist and photographer Massimo. He was the epitome of everything Italian.

Marco was Charlotte's hairdresser, but Charlotte has the world's longest legs...

Ah, wish I could do this with my hair... Give it ten years, then maybe..'

The carousel skirt belongs to the Clown-bob's outfit. Notice the gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress on skinny-b in the back.

Akos fixing Helmut Newton-bob

Nick Irwin

Marco Iafrate

Maria's ready for showtime!

Back at the hotel, which was lovely though the interior was somewhat.... outdated.

Lovely greens and dancer and dancer's choreographer Chris at the bar.

We got a delicious four-course dinner at the hotel every night! With the greasy food of Chicago freshly implanted in my memory just a week before, this was just heaven. Italians know food! Jackie above, Charlotte below.

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