Bologna: Day #2

Ah, yes, finally. Pictures from Bologna.The further through the Bologna thing we get, the more I have chosen photos in regards to picture quality and not relevance or representativeness.

 All I really got to see of Italy was seen through the window on the bus. It was very lovely. I'd like to go back.

Our little group of five girls went under the name of DIY Collection. German Charlotte and Hungarian Detty above.

 Stylist Jiv D and choreographer/producer/part of the Esa Live crew Anna

Cosmoprof 2011

Swedish Jacqueline in a very common pose: cigarette in hand.

 Mike Esa, choreographer for the show and creative director of Esa Live Event Managment

 Jiv and Tigi hairdresser Nick Irwin

Charlotte and Tigi hairdresser Akos Bodi

 Skinny bitches just arrived from Milano

Freaky chairs

 We're making funny faces. I tend to be good at that.

 Charlotte and Norwegian Jeanette

 Jeanette above

Make-up artist at Tigi, Amy Barrington

 Jackie's not happy

 Tigi hairdresser Marco Iafrate

Tigi hairdresser Maria Kovacs giving Marco a helping hand. It was Maria who styled my hair on stage in Bologna.

 Nick and Jiv and a willing mannequin

 The ghost of Detty

The dancers, from UK. Apparantly there was a Premier League match at the time and updates came in frequently.


 Rehearsals moved to venue. I have just woken up. And by the looks of it I have something in my eye.

 Mike Esa

This skinny bitch was no bitch, just skinny. She's Martine Lervik, a fellow Norwegian, working in Milano. Also, it turned out, she was the winner of the Norwegian version of Top Model in 2008. Small world. She has a cute little blog about life in Milan: lostnfound.blogg.no

Mike and CyberBob

Skinny bitches rehearsing. Difficult taking photos of our group rehearsing. Well, I could of course have asked someone else to take some pics with my camera, I just didn't think that far at the time. 

 Videos and little films on big screens accompanying the show

 Dancers doing their bit. I never got to see their routine with the session models with outfits and all. Had to stand ready for finale back stage at that time. Pity.

Looks like blonde German skinny-bitch is getting fed up. Very understandable.


  1. What was this routine? Like walking and making (weird) poses? I'm a little disappointed. The girls didn't look as pretty as I thought (except you).

  2. Well aren't you a darling... :p Prettier pics of skinny bitches will come.

    You're quite right, the routine was, as you said, walking from here to there and there and making weird poses.

  3. Elsker bildene med prøvedukka! Haha! :)