O'Hare I hate you

Just text again. Sorry about that. Please read post anyway. It's almost funny.

Written while at the given airport. There was nothing else to do

I hate O’Hare airport. Two hours before take-off I’ve passed security and I realise that the Duty Free area is basically non-existent. I wasn’t planning on buying much to begin with but looking around is a  nice to pass some time. 

I always go to the gate first to check out what’s where and how long it takes to walk to the gate. On my way I pass a sad excuse of a shop selling magazines, sodas and a little to eat. On my way back from the gate to the sad little shop it turns out that the shitty fucking shop has closed! That means three things: 

  1.    I’m not able to spend the last of my dollars. Fair enough, I only had about $12 left anyway.
  2.        I’m not able to buy anything to eat or drink. There’s not even a vending machine here. It’s two hours to take-off and I know that I won’t be served that much too eat on the plane. Feck! Luckily I do have some fruit and a power bar in my bag. Here’s hoping it will last.  
  3.        My plan was to buy a book at the airport since I finished the one I brought on my way over. I’m hoping I’ll be able to sleep much of the flight time, but considering my seating (see below) this might become difficult. I have my laptop but the battery won’t even last me half of the way over the Atlantic.
This is not what I expect from a large international airport that was once the busiest airport in the world. As if that wasn’t enough, upon logging in it turned out that there were only two available seats left to choose from on the entire plane and they were in the middle of a four-seater. That means that this is going to be a loooong, tight flight. Fuck times four.  

Post-flight note: The flight was excellent. I ended up having three seats to myself due to the priest who initially sat next to me found himself a window seat instead. I slept for most of the flight and played tetris on the flight computer the rest of the time.

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